Join us in the Derbyshire hills for the third edition of The Hills Have Vibes; where we’ll be turning our humble little home into a mystical, musical wonderland! You’ll be accompanied by 500 like-minded people as we present to you some of the finest underground music from acclaimed DJs and brands.

We’re over the moon to be bringing such a talented set of artists to our festival. Each and every name has been handpicked by us, for you, to ensure each and every moment of THHV ‘18 is filled with the perfect music to keep your body moving from dawn till dusk…and then dawn again!

With us adding an extra day to the festival, we’ve been able to cover a range of musical genres. This line-up boasts a variety of house, techno, disco, minimal and even some drum & bass and jungle for those that are that way inclined!

The festival is fitted from head to toe with hand-crafted decoration alongside professional lighting and projected visuals.

See you in the hills…

L I N E – U P
Brawther, Crazy P, East End Dubs, Mark XTC, Albion Forever, Angus Jefford, Bale Defoe, Blasha & Allatt, Ethan McNamara, Flux Groove, Francis Adams, Glenn Davis, Jack Michalski, JJ Mowbray, Jordan Diston, Jordan Magee, Josh Baker, Samuel Padden, Lopaski, Luke Foulkes, Mannion, Matt Erst, Matthew Neequaye, RAR, Rich Reason, Rikki Humphrey, Ryan Ingleby, Sameed, Werkha, Zest Express, Zweizig, Adam Blezard, Alex Wilson, Angle, Aston, Benedikt, Billy Sharrock, Carl Boon, Clay, Dan Mourino, Edward K, El Fairo & DC, Emile Duffy, Harry Luderman, HAR-V, Jack Roberts, James Fitton, James Hill, Jim Hutch, Jobe Urquhart, Jordon Day, Josh Cooper, KDS, Lyle Sutherland, Matt Wide, Nathan Ditchburn, Nick Jones, Oli Henderson, Scott Forrest, Scott Streak, Seb Duffyy, Swain, Tee O, ThtGrl

S T A G E – H O S T S
Albion Records, Hit & Run – UK, the mango club, discotech, Ele Records, You&Me & Surco Events.